As a quick follow up to Anagrams in the UK I thought I’d try to do the world.

I downloaded the cities1000 file from GeoNames which contains all the cities with a population > 1000 or seats of adm div (ca 150.000). I then loaded it into PostGIS using this handy guide (the cities* files are just a subset of the geoname table).

Then I just need to change the table and column names in the orginal code to use the helpful asciiname column.


The global winner is the 13 letter Port-Saint-Pere as perpetrations. Honourable mentions to the following 12 letters:

  • Cerreto d’Asti - directorates
  • Chernomorets - chronometers
  • Dragodanesti - degradations
  • Idaho Springs - rhapsodising
  • Manderscheid - merchandised
  • Puerto Cisnes - persecutions
  • Saint-Emilion - eliminations
  • Saint-Georges - segregations
  • Seven Sisters - restivenesss
  • Solbiate Arno - elaborations
  • Villeurbanne - invulnerable

Full results are on line.